Permanent Perfection

Semi-Permanent Makeup is designed to visually transform your life.

Imagine the convenience of having perfectly applied make up all day, every day! It will last for around 8 to 18 months, its smudge proof, and looks great 24/7. Permanent cosmetics is a highly skilled procedure which uses pharmaceutical-graded pigments which are introduced to the skin. This will enhance your natural beauty and give your features shape and definition without ever having to visit your makeup bag and, because the pigment sits in the skin, the effects remain with you 24 hours a day making number one feel like number one.

The procedure is completely safe and effective. Eyebrows frame the face, and the right brow shape can actually give the illusion of a face lift! Eyeliner or lash line enhancement is amazing for giving eyes great definition and making your natural eye colour pop. Lip liner with lip blush gives your lip a more defined shape and adds a gorgeous natural youthful colour back into your lips.

Eyebrows Prices below

Eyebrows frame the face, giving expression, warmth and depth. One glance at supermodels and stars shows us that perfectly defined eyebrows give the complexion a groomed, fresh and youthful appearance. Tiny individual hair strokes are applied in different shades of pigment to create a 3D effect.

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Treatments and prices

Hair stroke brows £395
Lash liner top £300
Lash liner top and bottom £395
Eyeliner £450
Lashliner and part shaded liner £495
Guyliner £300
Lip contour with blush £450
Full lip colour £695


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Sarah Lee Sarah Lee, Professional Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist


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Laura’s Story


Love my eyebrows and eyeliner Sarah Lee did for me. I get so many comments and needed no make-up on holiday. I recommend permanent makeup with Sarah. She is awesome xxx

Sonia's Permanent Brows


Loving my new brows had so many compliments. I was very nervous when I arrived at the Make Up Lounge. Sarah made me feel totally relaxed.